Home from vacation -8/23/17

Wow, did we have a good time on vacation. We saw a total eclipse!! We ate a lot of stuff! It is time to get back to normal eating and exercising. My two sisters and I all have a tendency to be overweight. My younger sister is currently on Weight Watchers and has lost about 50 lbs! My older sister has been on a do-it-yourself diet she calls ” Do more, eat less.”  And I have been on my vacation diet of eat everything but try to make good choices.

Here’s something I ate in Pocatello, Idaho while trying to make a good choice. It is a tuna sandwich and I ate with a knife and fork and I only ate the bottom roll.


However, there were a lot of other things that I ate which have led me to a plan for healthier eating. Here is what I made for dinner tonight. I will discuss my process tomorrow when I am less tired.

My mise en place, so happy to be chopping in my kitchen again!

A delicious salad with salad greens, tomatoes, roasted golden beet, onion, and feta cheese

Penne and asparagus with onion and mushroom plus a sauce made of olive oil and pasta water

For a vegan dinner omit the feta cheese on the salad and Parmesan cheese on the pasta.

I realize that asparagus is expensive but I could buy some fast food sandwich or two meals worth of asparagus for the same $5. Or I could much more economicly substitute broccoli or even zucchini!

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