Sous vide then grill. 9/9/17

A couple of Christmases ago I bought John an immersion circulator as a present. Last year I got him a vacuum sealer. Although chicken is our main ingredient for the sous vide method, it works really well on steak too.

The piece of meat he made was a prime ribeye cap steak. We got it at Costco. It is a narrow strip from the top of a ribeye steak. It is spiraled up and tied with string. He cooked it in the immersion circulator set to 125F.  We let it stay in its bath for about 2 hours until we were ready for dinner. At that point John turned on the grill and seared each side for 2 minutes. It came out perfectly! I steamed some delicious tiny new potatoes and we had the rest of our spinach soufflé from the other night.

Ribeye cap with new potatoes and spinach souffle

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