Simple salad and pasta 9/8/17

As you know pasta is one of my favorite things to eat. This is usually exemplified by my forgetting to take a picture in my enthusiasm to get down to eating. This time was no exception. But I do have a picture of salad!

Mixed greens and cherry tomato salad with garlic crouton

I used mostly my lo-cal salad dressing that I make from a Good Seasons packet adding only a teaspoon of oil with the contents of the packet along with water and vinegar. I bought some xantham gum a while ago and use a pinch to thicken things up. I do not understand why Good Seasons stopped making their fat free blend. I can only assume it was because I liked it.

I went through my old spaghetti pictures to find one that looks sort of like our meal. You can see our daughter’s bounty of tomatoes from the community garden in the background. That was in July.  We have way more now.

NOTE: For a vegan dish omit parmesan cheese and use a vegan salad dressing

Spaghetti with fresh tomato/basil sauce

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