Upside down day! 11/20/17

Usually my days are vegan for breakfast and lunch and then whatever for dinner. I guess it is loosely based on Mark Bittman’s Vegan Before 6 (VB46) plan of eating. Today, though, my whatever happened at breakfast and the rest of my day was vegan.

This morning we were having the house cleaned so John, our daughter, and I went out for breakfast. At this place we go to, Bill’s Cafe, they have what they call a mini-breakfast which is actually way more than I normally eat for breakfast. I have no idea how the people who get the regular breakfasts manage to eat them. So my mini-breakfast consisted of one egg, one piece of toast, two pieces of bacon, and a bunch of hash browned potatoes. Today I ate the egg, the toast, and the bacon. The potatoes suffered from being cooked too quickly getting them brown on the outside while leaving the inside  cold. Not happy with the breakfast.

For the rest of the dayI needed to be vegan. So here is lunch. It is warmed up brown rice on the bottom with chickpeas, tofu, and kale salad.

Bowlful of brown rice, tofu, chickpeas and kale

Later on I made this vegan dinner of puréed cauliflower soup with crispy baked tofu and flaxseed plus a kale salad. It was an upside down day but good nonetheless.

Cauliflower soup with crispy tofu croutons

Kale salad with croutons and home grown tomatoes

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