Birthday Weekend. 12/8-10/17

I had a great time on my birthday weekend. Our destination was Little River, CA on the Pacific Coast. Since we were a party of four it was important that everyone have the choices they liked for their dining experiences. That is hard to do because no one wanted to eat the way I do. So I compromised. Here are some high and low lights.

On the way up we stopped at burger and fries place. I ordered a falafel burger which unfortunately came with a ton of feta cheese on it. I scraped that off and ate the burger sans the bun lid with a knife and fork.

Falafel burger

When we got to our room, look at who was greeting us on the deck!

Sea gull on the deck of our room overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Later we went out for a fancy dinner at the hotel. I ordered pasta. It was not good. Way overcooked.

Overcooked pasta and greasy broccolini

The next day we headed out for some wine tasting. We stopped at a pizza place that had a real pizza oven. It was some of the best pizza I have eaten on the West Coast.

Pizza being cooked quickly in an extremely hot pizza oven


The second night we just ate snacks at the bar which was fun. On Sunday we drove the coast road for a long way. It was slow going but beautiful. The rocky northern California Coast is pretty isolated which keeps the number of people visiting way down.

What a wonderful birthday weekend I had!!

Pacific sunset

Along the coast road

Misty rocks

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