Instant Pot beef stew. 2/3/2018

My mother always made beef stew in a pressure cooker so I have never been afraid of them even though I ended up cooking in one until it was dry and all the food was burnt up inside. I have always owned a pressure cooker and used it sometimes for beef stew or stuffed cabbage. When the Instant Pot came out I was interested in its ease of use and cleanup. It is also much quieter than the hissing pot that used to be on my stovetop.

In the Instant Pot that I got for Christmas we have made lamb chili (good, but a little watery), white and brown rice (worked perfectly), meat sauce for spaghetti (needs work), and now beef stew. The beef stew came out really really tasty.

Beef stew made in an Instant Pot

We bought a small boneless chuck steak that John cut up and browned using the Sauté function. He also browned the mushrooms. We loaded in carrots, onions, garlic, celery, and small new potatoes. We added a can of diced tomatoes, a cup of red wine, and enough beef stock so that it was visible but not covering everything. The Pot did its Pressure Cook thing for 18 minutes and then we let the pressure fall of its own accord. John thickened the gravy with a potato starch slurry and we adjusted the seasoning with my secret weapon, fish sauce.

The meat texture was amazingly soft and full of flavor. The stew was so good that we ate practically the whole thing!

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