Jumbo scallops. 6/5/18

Fried scallops, tartar sauce, and collard greens with corn

The fishmonger at Harmon’s had promised us that there would be fresh scallops in on Tuesday. These scallops turned out to be beautiful and enormous! On our menu we had planned on fried scallops, steamed new potatoes, and collards and corn. Once we got a closer look at the size of these scallops we nixed the potatoes. Just the scallops and the vegetables would be enough.

These scallops must have been U-10s or ten scallops to a pound.   Even though John cooked the scallops until the outside was golden brown and delicious, the interior was maybe a little on the too rare side. If we get big ones like these again we will have to cook them a minute or two longer. Still though, they were fabulous.

The collard greens were quite bitter, more than usual. Having the sweet corn with them helped but I read that in addition to adding a sweet element, using a fatty element like bacon or sausage, blanching them first, adding acid like lemon juice, or plenty of salt will help. I will keep that in mind the next time I make them. And as usual I made the Fish Market tartar sauce which is a combination of mayonnaise, sweet relish, yellow mustard, lemon, and grated onion. The yellow mustard is the key to its savory goodness.

Close-up of yumminess!!

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