Colorful dinner with new technique. 6/6/18

The other day we were watching a segment of America’s Test Kitchen and they had a technique for getting salmon cooked perfectly. First you brine the fish for 15 minutes. Then you start the cooking with the fish skin side down in a unheated  non-stick pan with salt and pepper in the bottom. As the pan heats up the fats under the skin release and help to cook the meat. After eight minutes you turn it over and do another eight minutes on the other side. (Times are approximate depending on the thickness of the fish. Farm raised salmon should be cooked to 125F and wild to 120F).

John used a non-stick pan and the grill as a heat source. Much less mess and smell in the house!

While this was going on I cooked some Vigo Spanish rice according to the package directions. It turned out delicious and much less salty than Zatarain’s. I also steamed/sauteed fresh green beans. I added a chiffonade of onions and optional ham. The plate looked so colorful and the dinner was delicious and healthy!

Pan-roasted salmon with Spanish rice and green beans

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