The pasta dinner that wasn’t. 9/19/18

John goes into the office today which always means a larger lunch than usual. I go out to lunch with my daughter which also means a larger lunch than usual. These two events have an impact on dinner tonight.


My lunchtime spicy banh mi sandwich

After settling down with a glass of wine and some pretzels to talk about our days’ events, I make an herb and tomato salad which includes two types of peppers, scallions, and a toasted pita. It is really a fattoush.


Tomato herb salad with crisp pita

We are supposed to be making penne with asparagus for the main event. I say to John, “Are you still hungry?” “Not really,” he replies. So in an unusual hunger awareness situation (usually we would just eat dinner anyway), we cancel the pasta and decide that salad is enough for dinner. Good for us!!


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