Vegan: Penne with asparagus. 9/20/18

Today we are having yesterday’s pasta that wasn’t. This is a simple but delicious dish. The prep and cooking time is about 20 minutes.

While you are bringing the water for the pasta up to a boil sauté a tablespoon or so of chopped shallot and two sliced garlic cloves in a mixture of olive oil and butter. Start cooking the pasta (we use three ounces per person) in the salted water. While that’s going, sauté the diagonally sliced asparagus stems. Drain the pasta when the penne is quite al dente reserving a cup of the pasta water. Put the asparagus tips in the pan and dump the hot penne in on top. Mix it over heat using some of the pasta water to create a thin sauce. When the penne texture is perfectly to your liking, serve.

Penne with asparagus

For a vegetarian dish include grated cheese over the top. For omnivores you might add a little ham.

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