Steak, potatoes, salad. 10/6/18

What could be more American than steak, potatoes, and a salad. The surprising thing, though, is that this dinner turned out much more delicious than any comparable dinner of recent memory. What is up with that?! John sous vide the steak but because it is a last minute substitution for the scallops we are supposed to have, he starts it from frozen and he cooks it at 125F for 2 1/2 hours. This is followed by a quick sear on the grill. Wow, is it good! Our rib eye cap weighs only 10 ounces raw and we split it between us. We take small bites savoring the depth of flavor. My contributions are some steamed potatoes which I cut up, oil, and salt first and a salad using up bits and pieces of what we have left – some salad greens, parsley, cabbage, a little cucumber, a couple of small tomatoes, and some feta. Somehow tonight our dinner is the perfect storm of deliciousness.
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