Mexican night. 10/7/18

Since we are going home on Tuesday, this will be my last post until Wednesday. We have scrubbed the kitchen sparkly and cleared all the decks of everything in anticipation of a photographer coming to take pictures so we can sell our house. No eating in this house! Our final dinner is shrimp tacos with spicy black beans. John uses the grill to cook the skewered shrimp and toast up the tortillas. They both taste so good done this way that I think it will be our default way of making shrimp tacos. For my part I season the black beans with cumin and add a can of Rotel and a little hot sauce. I make crema with yogurt, cumin, and salt. We have purchased some mango salsa which goes really well with the shrimp. A little cabbage, cilantro and a squeeze of lime and we are done!
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