It is still summer here. 10/12/18

Here it is almost the middle of October and the high temperature yesterday was 89F. That is much too hot for this time of year. All the magazines and websites have articles extolling hardy fall dishes and I have no inclination to make them. Our daughter’s  tomatoes are still prolific so we are having gazpacho.

Gazpacho is so simple. I just put a bunch of vegetables, a little vinegar and oil, some hot sauce, and our daughter’s tomato purée in the blender. Since it is a little thick I add a bit of V8. What a quick dinner! (For a vegan soup omit sour cream)


Gazpacho with a swirl of olive oil, a dollop of sour cream, and cucumber garnish

To make our dinner a bit more satisfying I make smashed chickpeas with olive oil and oregano plus tomato in a toasted pita pocket.


Smashed chickpeas with olive oil, tomato, and oregano in toasted whole wheat pita

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