More leftovers. 11/24/18

On Friday we had Thanksgiving redo. In order to not have the turkey get over cooked in the reheating process or the creamed onions sauce to break, we sealed them in some bags and used the immersion circulator to heat them up. It worked really well set at 135F.

Now it is Saturday and we are supposed to be preparing spaghetti with olives, capers, tomatoes, and garlic breadcrumbs. But guess what? It is much easier to pull out some more turkey and gravy and serve it over English muffins with some broccoli! I am not proud of this but it seems to be the way I roll these days. Tomorrow I am making the spaghetti sauce first thing in the morning so we do not end up with Chinese take-out!

Turkey breast and gravy over English muffin with broccoli

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