Ethiopian lunch. 11/28/18

I do not cook a new dinner because this is the fabulous food I had for lunch!

Ethiopian veggie combo and yebeg tips (crispy lamb)

My daughter and I took a break from outlet mall shopping (where we bought nothing) for a fine Ethiopian lunch at Zeni’s in San Jose. The piles of assorted vegetables, lentils, yellow split peas, salad, and lamb are served upon a large spongy bread called injera. A basket of injera is also served and used as your utensil. You tear off a small piece and use it to pick up a small scoop of vegetables or lamb. The food is exotically spiced and delicious. We had plenty leftover to take home.

While our daughter ate our lunch leftovers for dinner, John and I scrounged around in the refrigerator and ate up the remnants of our turkey casserole with toast.

If you have not tried Ethiopian or Eritrean food, I heartily suggest giving it a go. It is delicious and fun to eat!

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