Lunches only. 12/19/18

For the last few days we have been making lunch our main meal. On the day we drove from Orvieto to Lucca we stopped in the little town of Reggello to visit the Masaccio Museum. After we had Sunday lunch (a big deal here in Italy) at the nearby Masaccio Restaurant. Here, John had the best meal of the trip so far!

My lunch on the left was strezzopreti with zucchini blossoms and shrimp and John had a creamy risotto with prawn

Well, that risotto must have been made with lobster stock. It was so delicious that daughter and I wanted to turn our perfectly fine pasta back to the kitchen and exchange it for John’s dish.

On Monday we spent a long morning sightseeing in Lucca and did not get around to having lunch until around 2 PM. While our main course was pretty forgettable, we shared a appetizer for the table that was pretty tasty.

These are Nonna’s pezzole and consist of thin crepes with spinach and cheese.

Yesterday in Pisa we had some pizza which was not picture-worthy and today I stayed in nursing a cold. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to report on new delicious dishes.

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