Humble Offerings. 12/14/18

Tonight we go out to a simple wine bar in the neighborhood near our hotel in Orvieto. Our first thought is to have a little antipasti and a glass of wine but the appetizer is so good we decide to try their pasta. Good choice us!

My dish strezzopreti made from chestnut flour with porcini and sausage is unbelievably good. I read somewhere that some Italians survived in WWII by making pasta out of lowly chestnuts that they picked up off the forest floor. John has a bean and sausage dish and we order chickpeas with bacon and rosemary as a side. All this simple food is so good that it is hard not to moan while eating it. A few excellent ingredients prepared well is all you need for a great dinner.

Newly pressed olive oil, tomato, and truffle bruschetti
Chestnut strezzopreti, chickpeas, beans with sausage
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