White bean and cabbage soup/stew. 4/20/19

White bean and cabbage soup/stew

For reasons relating to jet lag we still have not made it to the grocery store for a general re-stock shop. I am running out of dinners to make using what is left in the pantry and fridge. Luckily I have two carrots, an onion, garlic, some very bendy celery, and a small head of cabbage still remaining. I combine these with some stock (vegetable or chicken), a can of white beans, and optional Parmesan rinds. Sauté the veg then add the beans, cabbage, rinds, and stock. Simmer for twenty minutes or so. I dress up the top with parsley and a good olive oil. It’s a combination that can be vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore.

How you dole it out makes it either a stew or a soup. I like one bowl of stew heavy on the vegetables and light on the broth. John prefers two bowlsful of a much soupier mixture.

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