Time for a tasty salad. 5/16/19

I must admit that I have bad-mouthed making salads. By the time I have all my ingredients out and prepped the kitchen is a wet mess and I have gone through too many paper towels trying to contain it all. Plus my countertop compost bin is filled to the brim! Tonight we were just having some leftovers so I wanted to have a tasty salad first. Here is how I tried to solve my salad problems.

Tossed/composed salad with spring mix, Italian parsley, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, and avocado

I used spring mix as a bottom layer. It came pre-washed. Next I cut the tops off from a stalk of celery and put the leaves and bite sized celery pieces in a colander. Also in the colander I put some chopped up parsley and diced seeded cucumber. As I took out the amount of each ingredient, I put the remainder back in their storage bag and returned them to the refrigerator. Mess number one avoided!

I washed all these ingredients together and shook them vigorously and finished them off by blotting with one paper towel. Problem number two of using multiple paper towels and wet mess avoided. The herb/cucumber/celery mixture went on top of the spring mix in each of our bowls. No big salad bowl to wash! At this point I dressed our salads.

Next the cherry tomatoes got a wash in the colander I had used for the greens. I have a ceramic paring knife that makes very clean cuts so there is less tomato goo on my cutting board. Tomatoes go on top of the salad and there is a quick wipe up with my wrung out greens-blotting towel.

Lastly I cut the avocado from pole to pole around the pit and drop the pit in my compost bin. I take the halves, peel and all, and cut them into four pieces. It is easy to peel the tough skin off and just slice the pieces up. Peels go in the bin and the board gets wiped off. Season with salt and pepper and the salads are done.

Look around. There is no mess! The salad was a great starter to our meal AND I got John to empty my countertop compost bin. Feeling pretty good about conquering my salad-phobia tonight.


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