Chickpea and juniper berry pâté. 5/17/19

We enjoyed the chunky chickpea spread that we had a few nights ago so much that I thought I would try more of a pâté with different flavors. This time I used my stick blender to make it smoother and added garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and cracked juniper berries. Chopped green onions topped the spread which was served on toasted Pugliese bread. The juniper berries gave it a fresh and interesting flavor.

Crostini with chickpea and juniper berry pâtés much 

The chickpea pâté or the chunky spread also make great lunches stuffed into a whole wheat pita with lettuce and tomatoes.

Smashed chickpeas with olive oil, onions, and parsley

For our main course I made marinara sauce with capers while John boiled up some spaghetti. I have been using San Marzano tomatoes which I think gives the sauce a good flavor.

Spaghetti and sauce cooking on the stove simultaneously

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