Simply soup. 5/17/19

We are having odd weather here in Northern California. It should be sunny and mild but instead it is barely 60F for a high and raining.  Pretty much it has been raining for five days. The house has a winter’s chill to it and we are bundled up loathe to turn on the heat although the thermostat is reading in the low 60s.

What to make when you are cold and do not want to venture out to the store in the rain? Simply soup. We all have ingredients for a simple soup – some chicken or vegetable stock, carrots, onions, parsley, celery, maybe some leftover salad greens, and some kind of pasta. Today I broke up some spaghetti pieces to act as my noodles.

Simple vegetable noodle soup

When it gets hot out I will make gazpacho and cool parsley or celery soups. But today when it is chilly and gray a simple hot vegetable soup with some noodles in a clear broth will work just fine for me.


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