Sous vide ribeye steak, grilled potato, broccoli and fava beans. 6/4/19

Today’s division of labor was like every other day, John cooks meat and grills and I do vegetable prep and cooking. John gave the steak a 2 hour immersion circulator bath at 130F and then seared the steak on the grill along with the Russet potato that I seasoned and cooked inside and then had him put some grill marks on. The broccoli was cooked in a little water and finished with some of our daughter’s wonderful fava beans and butter.

A note about broccoli – if you peel or cut off the outer layer of stem the inside is totally edible. Don’t throw away good broccoli or shy away from buying stalks as opposed to crowns. Usually the whole stalks are much more economical.

Broccoli florets and stems

This was a really good dinner with which we opened a very nice bottle of red wine. No reason not to celebrate a Tuesday. (Especially when Roger Federer won his match against Stan Wawrinka. Federer is an amazing tennis player especially for someone so old. 37!! LOL) This was too filling for me, though, and I ended up giving half my meat and potato to John.

Steak, grilled potato, and broccoli with fava beans

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