New vegan recipe! Chana Dal with brown rice, tabbouleh, and pita

New recipe tonight! Chana dal is a stew made from split chickpeas seasoned with cumin seeds, chili powder, turmeric, and tomatoes. This is a snap to make with your Instant Pot. I found this super easy recipe at Piping Pot Curry. I paired the Chana dal with brown rice that I also made in the Instant Pot. Use twice, wash once!

I had lunch with our daughter at a new Mediterranean place and got a big plateful of falafel, hummus with pita, and tabbouleh. It was way too much for one person to eat so I took most of it home and repurposed the tabbouleh and the pita for tonight’s dinner. John and daughter munched up the rest of my lunch plate before dinner!

My enormous lunch of falafel, hummus with pita, and tabbouleh

After the split chickpeas have a 30 minute soak, they cook in the Instant Pot under high pressure for 15 minutes and then a natural cool down which took about 20 minutes.  But it is totally hands off once you get the onions, garlic, and ginger sautéed. The turmeric gives it a nice yellow color.

Chana dal with brown rice, tabbouleh, and pita

So I had a totally vegan day and enjoyed cooking this meal while John was at work. I hope it balances out the steak from yesterday!

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