Leftovers – Curried rice with chicken and carrots

The chicken that I bought at Costco is the focus of Saturday’s debate about what to eat for dinner. We still have half of it left. I am not feeling like chicken salad. John is not feeling like chicken with pasta and peanut sauce. We decide on our version of curry.

John sautes the spices while I cut up the onions, garlic, and carrots. In his mix he has some cayenne pepper and fresh ginger for some spiciness as well as curry powder. He adds the rice, carrots, and some raisins for sweetness. I shred up all the chicken dark meat along with part of the white meat. (Curses! We still have left over chicken!) In the last few minutes of cooking we add the chicken and have it warm through.

Okay, dinner is fine but I am chickened out and there is still a bunch left. Now the question is – what are we going to do with the rest of the chicken!? On Sunday I think we will have to have a his and hers dinner. Maybe chicken quesadillas for John and something vegetarian for me. We’ll see.

Curried rice with chicken, raisins, and carrots

Costco rotisserie chicken may be a great buy. But it is too much chicken for the two of us!

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