Grilled chicken thighs with watermelon and tomato salad. 7/5/19

According to my menu we are supposed to be having a frittata tonight. John says he does not want to heat up the kitchen by turning on the oven so we need to come up with an alternate plan.

The other night when we made Chicken Marsala we defrosted too much chicken. We have three boneless chicken thighs that need to be used so we decide on grilling them with some BBQ sauce. In the refrigerator is also the rest of the watermelon from last Saturday’s family cookout. I mix that with a piece of cucumber, some tomatoes from the garden, sliced red onion, and feta cheese. It was a great salad dressed with some good olive oil and white wine vinegar.

Sometimes you just need to look through your refrigerator and use a little creativity to come up with a winning dinner!

Grilled chicken thighs with watermelon and tomato salad

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