⚓️ Fishawarma. 12/7/19

Fishawarma, see what I did there? I made a portmanteau out of fish and shawarma! This recipe originally started out as chicken shawarma but I figured it would work just as well with fish so I bought a package of cod at Trader Joe’s.

The whole thing cooks on a sheet pan and we gave the vegetables a 15 minute head start. It was my first time using delicata squash and I can report that it is very hard but cooks quickly and you do not have to peel it. Also on the tray were a cut up red onion and some tomatoes from our daughter’s last harvest. I marinated the vegetables in olive, lemon juice, and an array of spices and garlic. They turned out great.

On the other hand we mis-timed the fish and overcooked it, Sigh.

WW blue points = 4 (oil, pita)

Fishawarma with roasted vegetables and pita

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