Sous vide chicken breast with thyme. 4/28/20

When we buy a package of chicken breasts they seem to come from giant breasted chickens. John and I share one and it is plenty. Tonight’s chicken breast is cooked at 160F using the sous vide method. John vacuum seals a little olive oil, a bay leaf, salt, pepper, and some thyme from our garden with the chicken breast. The herbs impart a subtle flavor to the chicken and also flavor the jus.  Our starch tonight is not a starch at all! It is a combination of some left over mashed rutabagas and some newly mashed cauliflower. To complete our dinner we have our old stand-by broccoli. It always seems to be in season and available.

Sous vide boneless, skinless chicken breast with rutabaga/cauliflower mash and broccoli


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