Shrimp Thai salad. 6/3/20

With temperatures in the upper 90’s I have thrown out my menu for the week and am looking to make dishes that involve minimal cooking. This Thai salad is a riff on the Spicy Pork Thai salad I made a couple of weeks ago. The marinade and dressing for the shrimp and salad is basically nuoc cham with added fresno chile, cilantro, oil, soy sauce, and shallots. Use about a quarter for the marinade and the rest as a dressing for the salad. The shrimp needs only a half hour’s worth of marinating and then a quick cook in a pan or on a grill. The salad is cabbage, herbs, shallots, cucumber, and red bell pepper. This is a spicy dish to cool you off on a hot night!

Shrimp Thai salad

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