Vegan creamy broccoli soup and tuna salad. 6/4/20

It was hot again tonight and none of my choices from this week’s menu seemed good for preparing in a hot kitchen. I had whipped up some creamy broccoli soup last week and decided on that for dinner along with tuna salad on a bed of spinach.

Creamy vegan broccoli soup and tuna salad with spinach

The soup gets its creaminess from purée-ing the cooked vegetables which include a medium thin skinned potato. There are no dairy products involved. My soup was a combination of part of a head of cauliflower, a lot of broccoli stems I have been saving, the end of a celery bunch, the aforementioned potato, some onion, salt, and 3 cups of vegetable stock. Cook until the vegetables are soft and purée in a blender. The more vegetables you use, the thicker the soup. When I heated it up tonight, I added some broccoli florets. I finished my bowl with a drizzle of our good olive oil.


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