White beans with tuna and juniper berries. 6/17/20

Tonight we mashed together two exceptional experiences we  have had with white beans. One was a side dish of cannellini beans and juniper berries in Siena, Italy and the other was a side of white beans with tuna that we ate in Ashland, Oregon. For our dinner we sautéed onions and garlic and added cracked juniper berries and minced rosemary. Then we put in a can of cannellini beans with its juice. When it was almost time to serve we added a can of drained tuna and some chopped celery and let that gently heat through. We served the beans on bed of spinach with a drizzle of olive oil.

Our dinner was really tasty, easy to make, and just used a few pantry items. The beans on their own with the juniper berries and rosemary would make a delicious side dish. We are thinking of elevating the beans a bit with a piece of salmon instead of the tuna next time!

White beans with tuna and juniper berries


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