Ditalini with chickpeas and veg. 7/1/20

This is one of John’s favorite things to eat. If I ask him what vegetarian dish he would like to have, he invariably chooses this chickpea stew. We load up our stew with lots of vegetables to make it even hardier. There are onions, carrots, Lacinato kale, celery, tomatoes, zucchini, and mushrooms in this rendition. The pasta is really just a bit player with only 2 ounces in the whole dish. If we were regular eaters we would probably get between 4-6 servings out of a potful. But since we are big eaters we end up with enough left over for one lunch.

Note: For a vegan meal omit parmesan cheese.

Ditalini and chickpea vegetable stew

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