Steak salad with grilled cauliflower. 6/30/20

Tonight we used up part of the leftover flank steak from Sunday. I fixed a hearty greens salad and laid the strips of meat over it. I sliced up the one remaining roasted beet I had and dressed the plate with my super secret salad dressing. (Great taste, almost no calories. Secret ingredient-xanthan gum) John in the meantime grilled cauliflower on a grill pan on top of our BBQ grill. I have to admit I liked the cauliflower better when it was grilled to a crisp right on the rack. The problem with that technique is that a lot of cauliflower falls through the spaces between the grill spokes. I should get a vegetable grill basket if I don’t already have one….somewhere.

Our colorful and tasty steak salad with grilled cauliflower


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