Anniversary scallops! 7/17/20

Since it is our anniversary we are having a special dinner. Usually we try to dine out at some fabulous restaurant for our special occasion. But not this year. So we made our favorite dinner which is panko breaded, deep-fried scallops. So good.

We started out with shrimp cocktail and crudités with cocktail sauce. The wine we are drinking is a 2015 Stonestreet, Broken Road Vineyard, Chardonnay. It was yummy!

Shrimp, crudités, and cocktail sauce

Stonestreet Chardonnay

We have an old electric wok which we use for our very infrequent frying. John plugs it into an outlet on the patio so that we don’t have cooking oil all over the kitchen. After breading the scallops they only take a couple of minutes in the hot oil. I steamed up some new potatoes and grilled the asparagus. Since we were dining al fresco, most of cooking was done outside.

Even though we could not dine at a fancy restaurant we still had a wonderful meal for a fraction of the cost. Hopefully next year the pandemic will be behind us and we can look forward to dining out and traveling again.

Fried scallops with tartar sauce and grilled asparagus, and steamed new potatoes

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