Southwestern – Chicken Chili. 8/5/20

Chicken chili with garden cherry tomatoes

Our next stop in our tour around the culinary world comes from the U.S. Southwest. This easy chicken chili uses a Costco rotisserie chicken* and canned cannellini beans. I used the Neely’s Chicken Chili recipe which you can find at Food Network. Last time I made chicken chili I used one can of cannellini beans and one can of non-fat refried beans as the thickener. This time, since I did not have any refrieds, I followed the recipe’s suggestion of mashing one can of the cannellini. It came out a little soupier. I finished off my bowl with a handful of tasty, home-grown cherry tomatoes and a dollop of yogurt with cumin.

*Note: The Costco chicken is too large to use the whole thing. I used one breast, shredded. It was plenty for John and me plus we have leftovers.

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