Thai – Spicy basil eggplant with tofu (vegan) 8/6/20

Spicy thai basil eggplant and tofu with rice

Since we have been creating our international dishes this week, we have run into quite a backlog of leftovers. I am skipping the Chana dal this week and doing a replay of our chicken chili on Friday before finishing up the week on Saturday with shrimp tacos.

Our Thai dish really moves along quickly so you need to have everything prepared to go into your pan before you get started. The recipe for this dish is here but much like me you will probably need to tweak the sauce and make more of it. I also cut up a medium onion to add along with the bell pepper. The chile we added was rather lackluster so we boosted the spiciness with sriracha. So far every time we make spicy Thai basil eggplant it comes out a little differently. Be sure to make notes as to what you have added or changed on the recipe so yours comes out consistently.

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