New dish! Spiced ginger shrimp. 9/28/20

Spiced ginger shrimp over cauliflower rice with broccoli

The shrimp we made was spiced with curry powder and ginger in this dish from Melissa Clark. The recipe as written gives you options for the main spice, garam masala, Baharat, five-spice, chili powder, etc. We were in a curry mood. You cook your spices, garlic, and fresh ginger in a little oil and then add cherry tomatoes which will burst giving you a sauce that you enhance with some butter after you cook the shrimp. We found that there wasn’t enough sauce so we added a little stock.

As usual we cut down on the fat which surely impacts the dish. I would buy some clam juice to use next time to help with the lack of sauce. Also we ended up putting on some sriracha to give it some bite. Spiced does not mean spicy! With some tweaks we will make this again. The recipe can be found in the original at the NYTimes Cooking site.

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