Goal!!!!!!!!!!! 11/2/20

Today I met my weight loss goal!! I have lost 60 pounds in a little over a year, about a pound a week. (That is a total loss of a little more than 27.2 kg.) As you read through my blog this past year you will see exactly what I ate to accomplish the loss. John, who has been my helpful partner all through this, lost 50 pounds or 22.6 kg. I feel so much better and now my cholesterol and blood sugar are within healthy parameters. Also I was able to throw out my blood pressure pills because my blood pressure is on the low normal side after losing the extra weight.

So of course we celebrated on Monday evening with a steak, baked potato, broccoli, and cake. And we started off with popcorn and wine. Now I have to eat sensibly for the rest of the week to get back to my goal weight! I am planning on eating plant-based meals until we leave for our little vacation.

Grilled flank steak, baked and grilled potato half, and broccoli with onions and mushrooms

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