LFD: Everything soup. 12/5/20

Saturday’s LFD (Leftovers For Dinner) started with a base of the soup we had on Thursday. Somehow I forgot to post it. The kale, cabbage, and white bean soup with a little chopped up smoked turkey sausage was delicious. Here is a picture of it.

Pinto bean, kale, and cabbage soup

Anyway, we had not quite enough of it leftover for another dinner so I took most of the vegetables I had left in the refrigerator (mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, celery, and more carrots), sautéed them, and added “everything” to the pot along with some additional chicken stock. To serve I toasted a piece of rustic rye bread that our son made and floated it on top with a few fresh cherry tomatoes. What resulted was an easy, economical, healthy, filling dinner that we both enjoyed.

Everything soup

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