Seared scallops, new potatoes, green beans. 12/4/20

Pan-seared scallops, steamed new potatoes, and grren beans with mushrooms

This is a pretty fancy dinner for a weeknight but I am within a week of my birthday and everything needs to be special but also mindful. I have already planned out my meals through my birthday which is on Tuesday. So this is going to be a week where I need to be especially careful so I don’t gain too much weight by treating myself to baked goods or wine. One of the best ways to do this is to eat fish and shellfish and lots of vegetables.

The lemon plays an important role in this dish. Not only is it good on the scallops but also on the potatoes. Using lemon on potatoes is a Spanish take on the vegetable. So instead of loading more calories on the potatoes by slathering on butter, I chose lemon and some salt. Parsley would be good on them as well.

I did use a little faux butter on the beans and decided to jazz them up with mushrooms as well since the beans were looking a little past their peak. The vegetables scored accolades from John which always makes me happy.

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