Chana dal, mixed greens, rice. 1/18/21

Chana dal (split chickpeas) with a combination of mustard, collard, and kale greens on a bed of white rice and cauliflower rice

Chana dal is a stew of spices, tomatoes, and split chickpeas that we make frequently in our Instant Pot. I posted the recipe in December for the way we make it. We served the Chana dal with a mix of hearty greens that come in a pre-washed combo pack. Rice, pita, or some other Indian bread are the usual accompaniments. For my plateful I used a combination of cauliflower rice and white rice. It is good for soaking up lots of the broth. I also gave my dish a squirt of sriracha for a little more spiciness. As usual this stew came out very yummy and no doubt you will be seeing it again sometime in February.

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