BFD, Egg, kale, and refried beans tostada. 1/17/21

Corn tortilla with refried beans, scrambled egg, wilted greens, salsa, and cherry tomatoes

Sunday’s Breakfast For Dinner was so enjoyable that after I cleaned my plate for the first time, I retooled and made a second tostada. I really enjoyed the contrasting flavors, spiciness from the salsa, bitterness from the wilted greens, and psuedo fatiness from the eggs and refried beans. I am definitely a fan of non-fat refried beans! My dinner also had variation in texture, temperature, and color.

John, who does not need as much excitement in food as I do, made his usual perfect omelet with ham, mushrooms, onions, and cheese.

When you cannot think of what to make for dinner, think eggs! They are so versatile!

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