Sheet pan turkey sausage with vegetables. 2/16/21

Turkey sausage with sheet pan cabbage, onions, B. sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, and green beans

I know I have been kind of going overboard with the sheet pan vegetables. The good thing is that roasting vegetables in the oven is such a delicious and easy way to make vegetables. We really did not feel the need for any kind of starch with this dinner. The great variety of vegetables was more than filling. John liked the cabbage best and would have voted for the Brussel sprouts except they ended up a little overcooked. Next time I will put them on the sheet pan for a shorter amount of time. I liked the onions best. Roasting really brings out their sweetness.

In the race for the country with the most views this week, India is way out in front. I will have to start thinking about a great Indian dish to make next week. I am already making Chana dal this week so I will have to try something new.

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