Planned-overs for vaccine day. 2/15/21

Penne with mushroom-tomato sauce

No doubt it seems like I love to cook every day of the week and that is mostly true. Sometimes, though, I need to plan for the times when I probably will not want to go to the trouble of making a fresh, home-cooked meal. For those occasions I use planned-overs.

On Monday John and I got our second vaccine shot. I had heard from various friends that the second shot is harder on you than the first. Sitting in my refrigerator was almost a whole portion of the mushroom Bolognese I made last week. Monday was the perfect time to use it. We changed it up a little by using pasta shapes instead of strands and I needed to loosen it up a bit with a can of petite diced tomatoes. Of course, we had to adjust the seasonings.

I think we spent about 15 minutes on this dinner and it turned out to be warm and comforting. How did our second shot go? It made both of us tired and I had a bout of chills. Our arms are a little sorer than they were the first time but on the whole, it was a piece of cake. I encourage everyone to protect yourselves by signing up for the vaccine as soon as you are eligible!

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