Cabbage, mushroom, and egg frittata BFD. 4/11/21

Tonight’s Breakfast For Dinner (BFD) was actually more like dinner than breakfast. I needed to use a piece of a cabbage and entered “egg cabbage” into Google. What I got among other things was a recipe from the Egg Board that I felt I could adapt.

Cabbage and egg frittata with mushrooms, green onions, and farro

First I scaled down the recipe to two eggs and changed all the other ingredients to 1/3 of the recipe. My main departure, though, was to use 1/2 cup of my leftover farro and mix it into the eggs before I put them in the pan. I dressed the frittata with some additional soy sauce and garnished with black sesame seeds. I had to skip the furikake because we do not have any.

The entire frittata was supposed to slip out of the pan in tact and, well, that did not happen. I think my spritz of olive oil spray was not enough to keep the eggs from sticking a bit. Probably at least a tablespoon of oil would have worked better.

What did I learn from this experiment? I learned if you put in almost any combination of food into Google that someone out there has made it into a dish and posted the recipe!

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