Linguine with Mushroom Bolognese. 4/12/21

Monday’s whole grain linguine was topped with a Bolognese which was vegan/vegetarian and sat on a bed of raw Lacinato kale.

Whole grain linguine with Mushroom Bolognese

Mushroom Bolognese is a delicious vegetable based spaghetti sauce. I posted a lengthy discussion and recipe back in February. You can find it here. One thing I did differently was to add the chopped kale stems to the sauce when I was cooking the mushrooms and onions. The bitterness of the kale helped to tone down the sweetness of the carrot and the brightness of the tomatoes.

Using the food processor to chop the vegetables is a real time saver. It makes me think that I ought to use it more often.

This is a very enjoyable dinner and having the lacinato kale under the pasta really makes it a filling dish.

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