Sous vide chicken breast. 4/13/21

Sous vide chicken breast with gravy, rutabagas, broccoli

Tonight John cooked our chicken breast using our immersion circulator set to 159F. The constant temperature of the circulating water means that you cannot overcook the chicken. He sealed the chicken in a plastic bag with a sprig of thyme. Now all we needed to do was wait for me to cook the vegetables.

I cooked the rutabagas in the Instant Pot for 15 minutes. An observation about rutabagas, we get unwaxed ones out here in California but they are not nearly as sweet and delicious as the big waxed ones. Occasionally we find waxed ones at Walmart and the difference is amazing. I guess the sugars in the rutabagas must develop during storage. Tonight’s rutabagas were quite bitter. I tempered the strong flavor by mashing them with a little butter.

After taking the steamer basket out of the Instant Pot I dumped the rutabagas in a bowl and put the broccoli in the basket and back over the hot water in the Pot. I set the function to “sauté” and loosely covered the Instant Pot with a pot lid. The broccoli steamed quickly and I eliminated using an extra pot!

John heated up our packet chicken gravy and sliced the chicken breast and we were ready to sit down to dinner. Classic chicken dinner is always a winner at our house.

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