Classic chicken dinner with rutabaga and broccoli. 5/4/21

May the fourth (of good nutrition) be with you. I remember taking our son to see the movie in 1983 when he was six years old. He’s been a Star Wars fan since and his kids are too. Personally I am not so much of a sci-fi person although that is akin to blasphemy in this family.

And what has this got to do with a chicken dinner? Absolutely nothing.

Sous vide chicken breast with mashed rutabaga and broccoli

John sous vide the chicken breast at 159F. After the water was at temperature, the chicken enjoyed its bath for 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time I Instant Potted the peeled and cut up rutabaga for 15 minutes with an instant release. John had been nice enough to do the peeling and cutting up of the rutabaga while our daughter and I went out to lunch. This rutabaga was the kind that has the waxed coating and it was as big as a bowling bowl! We now have leftover mash in the freezer for the next classic chicken night.

So nothing left to do at the last minute except for the broccoli which I steamed and added a dollop of faux butter to. I like my vegetables to be on the more cooked side and I do not think that it is the way John likes them but he does not complain.

Each time we have this old favorite dinner we always comment on how much we like it. If we added a little cranberry sauce it would be like a mini-Thanksgiving! I am afraid, though, as the weather gets hotter (and hotter) that classic chicken dinner will appear less and less. Who will want to heat up the kitchen with hot water and a steamy Instant Pot?!

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