Chilean sea bass with sheet pan potatoes and green beans. 5/6/21

Oven roasted Chileans sea bass with sheet pan green beans and potatoes

Using this frozen Chilean sea bass from Costco makes a pricy fish affordable. We probably have some rendition of this dinner every two to three weeks. It definitely does not get old!

To keep the number of pots and pans down to a minimum we decided to sheet pan cook the potatoes and green beans. Normally I would have set the oven for 450F but because we were cooking the fish at 400F we cooked everything at a lower temperature. I think that is why the potatoes did not brown as much as I would have liked. But they tasted good and that is the main point.

Everything in the oven cooked in about 15 minutes

I have always been a little fearful of cooking fish. Growing up we never ate fish. My father was forced by his parents to eat fish as a child and he hated it with a passion. Our poor cat, whose real name was Pixie but went by the moniker Old Kitty, was never allowed to eat any kind of cat food that had fish in it. There were no tuna sandwiches at our house. In fact, I really did not eat fish until I went away to college and fish was served on Fridays. Luckily for me, John has no problems cooking fish and I have no problems eating it.

This dinner was easy-peasy to make, a snap to clean up, and a delight to eat!

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