Kale and white bean stew. 6/22/21

Kale and white bean stew (with turkey sausage)

The original recipe for kale and white bean stew is from Food and Wine magazine. I was going to make it vegetarian/vegan but after conferring with John we decided it was going to need some sausage. We opted for 4 oz. of diced turkey sausage. To prepare it vegetarian/vegan just leave out the sausage and maybe add some smoked paprika. For the tomatoes in the recipe we added one can of Rotel (spicy tomatoes) and one can of regular diced tomatoes. We made the whole recipe with 4 servings which I think was more like three servings but we are volume eaters.

So what do I think? It was okay but not great. John liked it more than I did. With my blessing he is going to eat it for lunches instead of our holding it over for Saturday’s Leftovers For Dinner. We are making Chana Dal later in the week and we will just make extras of that for our Saturday dinner.

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