Easy chicken Marsala with green beans and rutabaga. 6/21/21

Chicken Marsala with green beans and mashed rutabaga

I am so glad that it is finally cool enough in the evening to make one of our menu dinners! This is chicken Marsala is super simple. Rather than make a cream sauce, we use a packet of McCormick’s chicken gravy. John uses a little less water than the packet calls for to start with and after the gravy has thickened up adds 1/4 cup Marsala. He then boils it to cook out the alcohol. After cooking the chicken he deglazes the pan with a little chicken stock and adds that to the sauce. I sauté the mushrooms separately and they are added at the end.

About rutabagas, when we first came to California I was excited to see fresh, unwaxed rutabagas in the grocery stores. However, I have learned over the years that the giant waxed ones are sweeter than the fresher ones. Maybe this is a case of the vegetable needing to be cured? I make the rutabagas in the Instant Pot. They are cooked for 15 minutes at high pressure in a steamer basket with a cup or so of water and then cooled for 10 minutes before we release the steam. I mash them up with a little faux butter. The green beans are sauteed in a pan with a little water and butter.

This is a yummy dinner. Pretty to look at and delicious to eat!

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